It’s lunar-cy as our shutterbug captures eclipse

It’s lunar-cy as our shutterbug captures eclipse
Photo by Tom Callan

You need a physics degree to understand it, but high above Brooklyn on Tuesday morning, something happened involving the moon, the sun and the earth that delighted stargazers.

While most of you slept, our awesome photographer Tom Callan captured the winter solstice lunar eclipse over Clinton Street with a multiple-exposure photo that takes our breaths away.

Callan said he photographed the moon in two-second exposures every three minutes between 3:25 and 3:40 am on Tuesday, when the lunar orb slipped behind the Earth and glowed red from our glorious shadow. Such a cosmic event hasn’t happened since 1638 and won’t happen again until 2094, which few of us expect to be around for.

We can’t really describe the astrophysics behind the phenomenon, but we can describe our joy when Callan collects his Pulitzer next year: We’ll be over the moon, as it were.