It’s sex, drugs and bingo with Underground Rebel Bingo

It’s sex, drugs and bingo with Underground Rebel Bingo

This ain’t your grandma’s bingo.

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club, a not-so-secret secret society that throws hardcore bingo parties in the UK, is bringing its shenanigans stateside.

“The party started shrouded in secrecy, but quickly drew a cult following,” said Jenny Gottstein of MeanRed Productions, which is bringing the party to Brooklyn on July 9. “These days, each gathering brings out more than 1,000 people. It’s bananas.”

Gottstein is keeping with the Club’s imposed notoriety for Brooklyn’s version, holding it at a secret location in Greenpoint.

As the name implies, there’s bingo involved, with prizes like a sleeping bag with arms and legs and an umbrella with lights all over it. But after the numbers are drawn, the real party gets started, with loud music, flashing lights, dancing and mayhem that usually leaves guests covered in magic marker by the end of the night.

There are some ground rules to be laid down, mainly: no old people (sorry, grandma), no boring people, and no wankers.

Party-goers who pass that test are encouraged to wear something outrageous and eccentric for the night. Just make sure it’s something you won’t care gets covered in marker.

Underground Rebel Bingo Club on July 9 at 10 pm at a secret location in Greenpoint (location revealed to ticket holders). Tickets $10. For info, go to meanredproductions.com.