Jerk attacks woman for her iPod Touch

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Train pain

A marauder punched a woman in the head for her iPod Touch on Washington Avenue after she exited the G train station on Jan. 28.

The victim told cops that she was near Park Avenue at 7 pm when the goon came up from behind and began repeatedly socking her in the head.

She dropped the device, and the thug ran off with it.

Break-in hearts

An angry beau allegedly ransacked his boyfriend’s Clinton Avenue apartment on Jan. 23 while the boyfriend was studying abroad — smashing a window and ransacking the kitchen.

The victim’s roommate told cops that when he arrived at his home near Myrtle Avenue at 1:30 pm, the front door lock was busted open and the jilted lover was waiting outside.

He told police that his roomie’s ex is a Pratt student and has a history of mental illness.

Cop cruisin’

Police say they cuffed a two-bit bandit after he tried to boost an NYPD scooter from Emerson Place on Jan. 24.

The officer said he was near Willoughby Avenue at 11:38 pm when he saw the thief trying to start the ignition with a screwdriver. When he approached, the goon fled into traffic.

Cops arrested a suspect later, and found three bags of marijuana, according to police reports.

Twin thieves

Two teen marauders robbed a man for $35 after one of them flashed a knife on Fulton Street on Jan. 27.

The victim told cops he was near Washington Avenue at 10:25 pm when the two attacked.

Cops said they arrested 16- and 18-year-old suspects that night.

Changing table

Some crook lifted a woman’s purse as she changed her baby’s diaper in a restroom at Brooklyn Hospital on Jan. 29.

The victim told cops she was at the medical center on DeKalb Avenue near Ashland Place at 3 pm when she dropped her handbag.

A thief quickly grabbed it, making off with credit cards and $12.

Saving minutes

A prowler snatched $20 from a woman on Greene Avenue, but before he attacked, she hid her iPhone in a jacket pocket.

The victim told cops that she was near St. James Place at 8:30 pm when she noticed a strange man was following her.

Just as she tucked away her mobile, the goon grabbed her by the neck. He took some cash from her pocket before running off.

Blade runner

A crazed boarder at the Tillary Street women’s shelter allegedly swung a boxcutter at another resident on Jan. 23.

The victim told cops that she was at the building near Prince Street at 1:35 pm when the woman tried to slash her. Officials evicted the aggressor from the shelter, but she returned only to be thrown out again.

Cops say they arrested a a suspect that evening.

They also arrested another woman the next day for allegedly stabbing another resident in the ear with a pen.

Gun play

A teenage marauder pretending to have a gun tried to rob a man for $5 on Ashland Place on Jan. 25, according to cops.

The would-be victim told cops that he was near DeKalb Avenue at 2:53 pm when the kid thief demanded, “Give me your f—-ing money, n—–!”

The man refused to fork over the cash, so the student fled. Police said they arrested a 16-year-old suspect shortly after.


A ruffian snatched an iPhone from a woman on a Brooklyn-bound 2 train on Jan. 24.

The victim told cops that she was texting on the subway at 8:30 pm when the crook yanked her mobile and fled out the doors at Nevins Street.

Mobile groan

A marauder attacked a man on Cambridge Place for his iPhone on Jan. 25 — throwing him to the ground and twisting his head until he gave up the chichi device.

The victim told cops that he was near Gates Avenue at 10:20 pm when the thug came up from behind and said, “Where is it at?” The creep went through his pockets, plucking the phone, $40 and cards.

Call collect

Police say they arrested a teen thief on Jan. 26 after he allegedly snatched a woman’s iPhone on DeKalb Avenue.

The victim told cops that she was near Cumberland Street at 8:35 pm when the scoundrel yanked the cellphone and fled. An officer caught up with an 18-year-old suspect that night.

Bottle attack

Two teenage girls bullied a woman on Washington Avenue on Jan. 26 — whacking her with a stick while she was holding her child.

The victim told cops that she was near Fulton Street at 1:34 pm when the attackers started arguing with her and threw a bottle.

The 15- and 17-year-old girls ran away, but police say they arrested two suspects a short time later.

Hit home

Burglars struck the jackpot at an Adelphi Street apartment on Jan. 23 — looting an Xbox, two laptops, a diamond necklace, baseball cards and a Kindle.

The victim left her digs at 6 pm to go out to dinner. When she returned three hours later, her door was pried open and a bunch of her and her roommate’s tech toys were gone.

One of the woman’s necklaces was found by her building’s front door.

Tuned out

Cops say they arrested a goon for snatching a teenager’s iPod on a Brooklyn-bound 3 train on Jan. 27.

The 13-year-old victim told cops that she was on the train at 3:30 pm when the thug grabbed her device and ran out the doors at the Atlantic Avenue stop.

Police said they arrested a suspect shortly after and the girl got her music machine back.

Phone it in

A mugger elbowed a woman in the face to steal her cellphone on Park Avenue on Jan. 26.

The victim told cops that she was near Adelphi Street at 2 pm when the tough tried to yank her purse from her shoulder. She fought back, so that’s when the stranger hit her in the face and grabbed her phone.

Real pest

Some jerk broke into a Terminix truck parked on S. Elliott Place on Jan. 23 — stealing a navigation system and computer.

The driver told police that he parked near Atlantic Avenue at 11 am. When he returned about an hour later, the door lock was popped out and the items were gone.

— Kate Briquelet

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