Jerk mugs elderly veteran outside home

90th Precinct


Veteran victimized

Some dirtbag mugged an 89-year-old veteran who was entering his Boerum Street apartment on Jan. 15.

The wizened victim was unlocking the door to his apartment between Leonard Street and Manhattan Avenue at 4 pm when the spineless rake came up behind him and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket, according to a police report.

The stolen wallet contained hundreds of dollars in cash and a military identification card, authorities said. The victim followed the lout down the stairway for a while but eventually lost sight of the perp, cops said.

Gun slinger

A violent villain mugged a guy at gunpoint on McKibbin Street in the early morning hours of Jan. 15.

The victim told cops he was near White Street at 4:50 am when the low-life approached with a black firearm and said “Turn around, don’t move.”

The victim did what he was told, and the scoundrel snatched the guy’s phone and wallet before fleeing down McKibbin Street towards Bushwick Avenue, police said. The perp was tracked to the rooftop of a Humboldt Street city housing complex via the stolen phone, but the signal was lost, according to a police report.

Subway robber

A brute pulled a gun on a straphanger waiting on the L train platform at Morgan Avenue on Jan. 15 and made off with a haul of the guy’s possessions.

The victim was waiting for the train at the subway station near Harrison Place at 4:30 am when the devil approached him, brandishing a silver semi-automatic handgun and said, “Empty your pockets and don’t look at me,” according to a police report.

The perp then rifled through the victim’s tote bag and took his iPad, wallet, and keys, authorities said. The punk told the guy to “get on the train and don’t do anything stupid,” then said, “I know where you live,” cops said.

Maced in the face

A punk maced a guy in the face on Broadway on the night of Jan. 11, but failed to steal the guy’s phone, instead running off empty-handed.

The victim was near Walton Street at 9:50 pm after exiting the nearby J train when the brute lurked behind him and said “Let me ask you a question” before spraying something in his face that made his eyes burn and tear up, police said.

The baddie grabbed for the victim’s phone and knocked it to the ground, but the victim swung his arms at the thief, causing him to flee down Broadway then down Lorimer Street towards Harrison Avenue, cops said.

— Allegra Hobbs