It’s hip to serve square pies: Jet’s Pizza opens first Brooklyn location

square jet's pizza slices
Jet’s Pizza is now serving hot, Detroit-style pies right here in Brooklyn.
Photo courtesy Jet’s Pizza

Pizza-lovers can now get a four-cornered pie from Michigan’s wildly popular homegrown chain, Jet’s Pizza, right here in Prospect Heights

The Motor City franchise opened its Brooklyn restaurant at the corner of Prospect Place and Flatbush Avenue on Monday due the growing demand from across the river for its three Manhattan locations, according to franchisee Scott Gregerson.

“Since we opened our first location in New York City just over three years ago, the city has been wildly receptive to the concept,” he said. “We had a lot of people requesting Jet’s in Brooklyn and we couldn’t deliver over the bridge. Everyone would always have to drive and pick it up or even come on a train.”

jet's pizza
The square-shaped Detroit-style pies are far from New York pizzas, but Gregerson New Yorkers love his pies. Photo courtesy Jet’s Pizza

The Detroit-style pan pie is known for its high rim and cheese-baked sides, and Jet’s Pizza has stayed true to the methods created when John and Eugene Jetts opened the original restaurant in Sterling Heights, Michigan in 1978.

The chain has now grown to more than 400 stores in 20 states.

“There’s substitutes out there, but there’s nothing compared to what we got,” Gregerson said of his competitors offering square pies in the city. “We do it how we’ve always done it for 40 plus years — out of Detroit steel pans, we shred the mozzarella in the store, and we make all the dough every morning,” he said.

Brooklyn has no shortage of pizza eateries and everyone as an opinion on which slice joint is the best, but Gregerson says he is no pizza snob. 

“The thing about New Yorkers, it’s an unbelievably diverse group of individuals. So there’s a lot of people who are open to a lot of different ideas and you know, we have a different take on pizza,” he said. 

slice of jet's pizza
The new pizza shop opened on Monday, hopefully ending Brooklynites’ long journeys to Manhattan for a Detroit-style slice. Photo courtesy of Jet’s Pizza

A native of Detroit, Gregerson grew up on Jet’s Pizza, even working as a delivery driver for the chain while attending Michigan State University.

“I’ve got Jet’s running through my blood, so it’s pretty cool to have us Detroiters actually bring the original Detroit style pizza to Brooklyn,” Gregerson said.

The famous pan baked pie is not the only option on Jet’s Brooklyn menu. The joint offers NY-style pizzas, as well as an array of crust options from seasoned cauliflower to gluten-free.