Jihadists beware! Citizen Braveheart to the rescue!

Fugghedabout Homeland Security, John. Q. Public-the-avenger has arrived to save us from the evil clutches of terrorists.

Valiant Dutch video producer Jasper Schuringa deserves a drum roll, a round of applause, deep gratitude and the Presidential Medal of Freedom — plus distinctions from the foreign governments of his fellow passengers — for turning action hero and tackling 23-year-old Nigerian pubic bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab as he tried to blow up a Northwest jet heading to Detroit on Christmas Day.

Fed up with allowing dangerous morons to run his life, and fortuitously for all aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253, the man mounted an incredible, precedent-setting offensive of his own when he hurtled across a row of seats, leapt upon the terrorist and yelled for help to extinguish the explosives that al Qaeda had stashed in the two-bit terrorist’s smalls.

Jasper Schuringa’s instincts were spot on, and likely to strike a chord with other civilians who now know that just one quick-thinking individual can bring down a cowardly terrorist. No problem.

There is no separation between al Qaeda and other extremist cells in the poisonous cabal of fundamental Islam. Nor, apparently, any distinction between extremist and moderate believers when it comes to holding religious nuts responsible for their insane actions. Instead of wasting time and resources parsing terror-mongers, world governments should concentrate on the indisputable link between Islam and terrorism, and demand that mainstream Muslims sever the condemnable connection.

Ultimately, only a global convention will unearth — preferably from the mouths of its asses — why Islam, one of the easiest religions to join, inspires such boundless malevolence.

President Obama interrupted his Hawaiian holiday to assure Americans that “we will continue to use every element of our national power to disrupt, to dismantle and defeat the violent extremists who threaten us.” Then, setting the stage for his own political suicide, he hopped into his golf cart and returned to the links, relegating an act of terrorism to a mere social crime.

Entirely due to human negligence, Abdulmutallab’s jihad failed amid the multi-billion-dollar, tax-payer-funded spectrum of post-9-11 mechanisms instituted to foil just such an attack. People, who value life and freedom, need to be aware of — and angry about — the grave peril posed to planet Earth by fanatics who are being emboldened by infirm leadership in the White House.

Far from making the safety of Americans his priority, Barack Obama has defined his first year in office with an asinine agenda to befriend our adversaries. Unless he radically shifts gears, he is destined to complete his historic election with an equally historic legacy as being the worst chief executive officer the United States has had the misfortune to elect.

Bam’s comatose approach to foreign policy continues to endanger the lives of Americans and liberty-lovers, everywhere, who should be assured that in the Oval Office presides a man who is not below the job.

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