Jo reveals the Hobby Lobby folly

Okay, I’m blowing the whistle here and raising the awareness of sexism right here in River City.

The recent Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby granted the craft’s chain the right to deny specific forms of birth control for women based on the company’s religious belief. Yet Hobby Lobby has no such problem allowing the insurance carrier to pay for Viagra and the ubiquitous penis pump for men? Huh?

Why has the Supreme Court sided with the corporation? Given the present climate, and living in the 21st century, not back in the dark ages, the Supreme Court should reason that what is good for the goose should be just as good for the gander. Plain and simply, it is sexism.

Denying a woman the right to choose her choice of contraceptions based on religious grounds is just poppycock.

Hobby Lobby isn’t putting restrictions on providing a man with a drug that enhances his sexuality or paying for a penis pump.

The decision is allowing Hobby Lobby, and other companies, to control a woman’s right to personal choice. Basically, if it isn’t within the parameters set forth in the policy, tough luck, go get it somewhere else.

How is this America and how is this the 21st Century?

With this decision the Supreme Court and Hobby Lobby have turned back the hands of time 100 years and put us little women right back in the kitchen where we belong — under the thumb, and barefoot and pregnant.

Equality is equality no matter what. Leave religious freedoms out of it. The company heads are free to practice their religion any way they choose, however they can’t impose those beliefs on their workers, nor put restrictions on the type of insurance provided.

This isn’t about religious freedom, it’s about sexism pure and simple. This is just a means to keep women under control and not allow woman folk to make their own choices.

Supreme Court justices have effectively allowed the men to decide what a woman can and cannot do. It would seem that they have stomped over the line of sexual equality for all and put their collective noses and robes where they don’t belong — right in the middle of a woman’s bedroom.

Hobby Lobby Corporation’s leaders may be Christian, and they have every right to practice their religious beliefs anyway they choose, however they do not have the right to make decisions and choose what methods of birth control are permissible for their female employees. That is between the woman and her physician to decide.

Providing health insurance should not come with a caveat, nor should there be modifications based on religion, sex, or race.

Not for Nuthin™, I’m blowing the clarion loud and clear — no one has the right to interfere or prohibit what is the personal choice of a woman. The boat that allowed men to control woman left the dock a long time ago, right along with transistor radios and eight-track tapes.

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