Johnny Cash and carry

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Men in black

A gun-toting thug who had Johnny Cash as a style icon robbed a wholesale business on Columbia Street on July 15.

Victims told cops that the perp wore all black, down to his sneakers, and used a T-shirt to cover his face, as he waved a gun around 3:30 pm inside New York General Distribution at Lorraine Street.

After the thug demanded, “Where’s the money!” an employee handed the nasty ninja $2,000 in an envelope, and he fled towards Wolcott Street. No injuries were reported.

Cased for case

Three men stole a man’s briefcase on Henry Street on July 16.

The victim told cops that he was between Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street at around noon when one of the men choked him, a second man clobbered him with a blunt object while the third thug snatched the case.

All told, the trio made off with the case, two bottles of prescription medication, gym clothes and an iPhone.

Bullets fly

A gunman wounded two people in separate incidents five minutes apart on Hicks Street on July 15.

The first victim, a 43-year-old woman, told cops that she was between Centre Mall and Mill Street at around 8:55 pm when she heard what she thought were firecrackers — but an instant later, she realized it was something worse when she hit the ground in pain.

Five minutes later, a 21-year-old male told cops he heard gunfire while strolling on Centre Mall, and then a second later noticed he was grazed in the right hip.

Both are expected to recover from their injuries, cops said.Neither could provide a description of the perp.

Flat out

A burglar broke into a Degraw Street home and stole electronics on July 13.

The 34-year-old victim said that he returned to his home between Columbia and Hicks streets around 10 pm to discover that his flat-screen television, digital camera, iPod, sunglasses and laptop were missing.

Cops said the front door showed visible signs of damage.

Not valet service

A brazen thief walked up to a woman on Fourth Place and took her wallet right from her hands on July 12.

The victim told cops that she was exiting her car between Clinton and Court streets at around 9:30 pm when a man snatched her red leather wallet and credit cards, but no cash.

No courtesy

Two men used the old “water meter” trick to scam a 75-year-old Sackett Street resident out of $700 in cash and jewelry on July 17.

The victim told cops that she was on her way home between Henry and Hicks streets at around 2:15 pm when she noticed she was being followed by two men.

Once she arrived at her building, one of the men said he “needed to check the water” in her apartment.

Once inside, one man led the victim to the bathroom, where he insisted that she flush the toilet and run the shower. When the slimy duo left, the victim noticed the missing cash and jewelry.

— Gary Buiso