Joy rides! Luna Park adds two new thrilling attractions

Flying aces: The Atlantic Aviator ride in Luna Park sends people soaring through the sky.
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Luna Park is flying high!

The iconic amusement park in Coney Island is home to some famous rides, including the historic Cyclone Roller Coaster and the many loops, turns, and drops of the Thunderbolt. But Luna Park never stays still for long — this season, it has added two new mind-blowing rides: the Atlantic Aviator and Clockworkz.

The Atlantic Aviator is an innovative new ride that hearkens back to the days of daredevil pilots in spinning propeller planes! It features six four-seater airplanes, each of which takes off to mimic an acrobatic airplane flight, with loops, dives, soaring heights, and death-defying swoops towards the ground.

Just steps away from the flying machines of the Atlantic Aviator is the brightly colored Clockworkz! The family thrill ride is covered in spinning gears, and though riders remain right-side-up, its gondolas will swing riders up and down, clockwise and counterclockwise, while the whole machine spins a dizzying 360 degrees.

Riders must be at least four feet tall to enter either machine

Into the upside-down: The new ride sends riders for a loop!
Alliance for Coney Island

The man behind Luna Park say that the new rides will help keep the park fresh and exciting for all visitors.

“Here at Luna Park, we are dedicated to adding new enhancements to Coney Island each year to continue to excite the local community and guests from all over the world. ” said Alberto Zamperla, owner of Central Amusement International, which runs the amusement area. “We are always happy to showcase new concepts and rides, and we know that these two rides will be fan-favorites at the iconic destination.”

Both rides are just inside Luna Park’s main entrance, on Surf Avenue between W. 10th Street and Jones Walk.

Further down the Boardwalk the most daring visitors can find the Scream Zone, where adrenaline-pumping rides including the Slingshot and Zenobia will send riders hurtling through the air. And for scaredy-cats who fear rollercoasters, the Luna Park offers other, less frightening attractions including games, the B&B Carousel on the Boardwalk, go-karts, and an arcade.

Try the rides at Luna Park [1000 Surf Ave. between Jones Walk and W. 10th Street in Coney Island, (718) 373–5862; www.lunaparknyc.com]. Atlantic Aviator: 8 credits; Clockworkz: 7 credits, or buy an unlimited pass $41–$69 ($29–$42 those less than four feet tall).

Gear heads: The Clockworkz ride in Luna Park is an intricate contraption that sends riders around and around.
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