Just beat it — to Bushwick’s biannual art crawl

Just beat it — to Bushwick’s biannual art crawl

The beat is on — in Bushwick.

Explore 10 of the neighborhood’s storefront and apartment art galleries, which will be open late next Friday for the sixth installment of Beat Nite.

Norte Maar’s Jason Andrew, Bushwick’s curator-in-chief, organized the last year crawl to help independent art spaces get to the next level — receiving the attention from discerning art world audiences — while also generating camraderie in the community.

“It’s a great way for those curious about our do-it-yourself neighborhood to learn more about the various art spaces actively making Bushwick the creative neighborhood that it is,” said Andrew. “It’s unlike any other ‘gallery stroll’ in that many of these independent spaces are run out of apartments and alternative spaces that are totally off the art world grid.”

And this time there are several new spaces joining the fray.

Come fly the friendly skies at Airplane, a new Jefferson Street art space run by Bushwick art stars Lars Kremer and Kevin Curran, and co-directed by Liz Atzberger, which will debut its first show on Oct. 28.

Kremer has wowed the neighborhood with his photographs and sculptures of bodies while Curran formerly ran Laundromat, a gallery that was formerly situated above a Bushwick laundromat.

And three other relatively new art spaces, including Valentine Gallery, Small Black Door, and Sardine on Stanhope Street, whose show, “New York is a Friendly Town,” will feature artwork by Erin Teresa Browning, Lisa Candage, Amy Feldman, Frances Fraher, Gabriel Hurier, Matthew Mahler, and Keigo Takahashi.

Norte Maar, the Wyckoff Avenue gallery situated in Andrew’s living room and study, will feature a new sculptural piece by Brooklyn sound artist Audra Wolowiec who has built 500 pentagonal structures inspired by sound-dampening foam but made with cast concrete instead.

But the party will make several stops including neighborhood stalwarts such as English Kills on Forrest Street, Storefront on Wilson Avenue, Factory Fresh on Flushing Avenue, and Centotto on Moore Street — and it’s all free.

“Beat Nite is Bushwick’s humble reminder that austerity measures aren’t the only way to weather wrecked economies,” said Centotto’s Paul D’Agostino.

Beat Nite (various locations in Bushwick and East Williamsburg), Oct. 28. 6-10 pm. For info, www.nortemaar.org.