Klutz gets ‘Krispy’

There’s just something about Rice Krispies that makes me smile.

Maybe it’s the subtle cracking sounds or those three cartoon elves who love to scream “Snap, Crackle, Pop!”

My favorite way to eat this crunchy cereal is in a big bowl filled with vanilla rice milk. It’s a dream! (You really should try it!)

My aunt often made Rice Krispies Treats when I was a child but sadly, it has been many years since I’ve enjoyed the sweet snack. So I decided to rectify that by making my own batch of treats.

I followed the classic recipe (check it out at www.ricekrispies.com). Some folks add giant marshmallows or bits of chocolate to their treats but I prefer the good old fashioned style.

There’s not much to do really. (You won’t see me complaining!)

First, I melted three tablespoons of butter in the largest saucepan I own.

Next, I added four cups of marshmallows. I used mini marshmallows with the idea that they’d dissolve better than the jumbo puffs — and not leave lumps in the finished product.

Lastly, in went six cups of Rice Krispies. I had to keep stirring until everything was melted and evenly coated. My arms got a workout!

Spreading the mixture in a pan was a bit more difficult than expected. I tried to make it stretch the length of the entire pan while also making sure that it wasn’t too thin or too thick in certain spots.

When it seemed somewhat even, I put it aside to cool. About 15 minutes later, it was time to eat!

Verdict: I forgot how good these are!

The best way to enjoy them is right after they’re made so the fresh treats simply melt in your mouth.

If this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is!

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