Knife-toting thief robs straphanger

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Cut and run

A knife-wielding crook robbed a straphanger at a Hoyt Street subway station on March 18.

The victim said he was on a Crown Heights-bound 2 train that was pulling into the station at Hoyt and Fulton streets at 4:50 am when the thief tried to steal his wallet. The man fought back, but the crook sliced his hand with a pen knife, grabbed the wallet, and fled the train.


A man was arrested for stealing a toy school bus from a Washington Street store on March 12, police said.

A witness told police that the alleged toy thief broke into the store at Water Street at 3:30 am. Cops who responded to a burglary call at the store arrested a man who they said had the toy bus.

Wallet snatch

A sneaky crook stole a woman’s wallet inside of a Fulton Street store on March 12.

The victim told cops she entered the store at Gallatin Place at 4:45 pm. Approximately 45 minutes later, she realized the wallet was missing from her purse.

Pocket pinch

A thief stole a wallet from a Montague Street office on March 6.

The victim said she left her desk at the office between Clinton and Court streets at 8 am. When she returned five hours later, the wallet was missing.

Purse stolen

A crook stole a purse from a Smith Street store on March 17.

The victim told police she left the bag on the floor of the store at Pacific Street at 3:40 pm. When she returned to retrieve it five minutes later, the purse was no longer there.

Macy’s caper

A thief was arrested for stealing clothes from the Fulton Street Macy’s on March 18.

The alleged clothes crook entered the department store between Lawrence and Bridge streets at 6:50 pm. Employees said she tried leaving with $1,275 worth of clothes at 8:30 pm, but was stopped by a security guard.

Later that night, police arrested a woman who they said had the clothes.

Cell swiped

A thief stole a cellphone from a man at the Jay Street subway station on March 18.

The straphanger told cops he was waiting for a Manhattan-bound A train at the station near Willoughby Street at 4:30 am when the crook grabbed his device and ran off.

— Daniel Bush