Knife-wielding criminal slashes teen during robbery


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill


Some jerk slashed a teen’s face and robbed him on Saint Edward’s Street on Nov. 18.

The victim told police he was walking at Myrtle Avenue at 2 pm when the knife guy jumped out and cut him in the face and neck — before off with the 15-year-old’s cash, jacket, and phone. 

Package pirates

Six bandits attacked a FedEx delivery man and stole his package on Cumberland Walk on Nov. 20.

The victim told police he was delivering packages near Park Avenue at 4 pm when the band of ruffians surrounded him, punched him, and threw him to the ground before snatching the package he was holding and running off.

Subway swipers

Five scamps stole a teen’s AirPods at the Lafayette Avenue subway station on Nov. 19.

The victim told cops he was on the platform at Fulton Street and South Portland Avenue at 5:15 pm when he felt one of the punks snatching his AirPods. When he pushed the louse away, the perps demanded the victim’s charging case too — which he turned over. 

Mr. Moneybags 

Cops cuffed a man for allegedly brutally robbing a guy at an ATM on Prince Street on Nov. 24.

The victim told police that he was withdrawing money between Fleet Street and Flatbush Avenue Extension at 4:40 pm when the defendant allegedly grabbed him from behind and dragged him to the ground, before letting the victim withdraw $60 — which he then stole.

Police found the defendant half an hour later and slapped him with felony charges of grand larceny and assault.

Bottle squabble

A brute threw a bottle at a man on Park Avenue on Nov. 22. 

The victim told police he and the louse were in an argument in a bodega at Cumberland Street at 11:40 am when the grocery-weilding goon threw a glass bottle at the man’s leg, before hightailing it out of the store.