Knife-wielding robber loots ice cream from Avenue U store



Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Ice cream sneak

A knife-wielding shoplifter swiped cartons of ice cream from an Avenue U store on Jan. 13. 

An employee told police that the crook threatened him with a box cutter inside the store near Ocean Avenue at around 7:40 pm, before snagging the frozen goods and running off.

Laundry change

A freebooter broke into a coin machine in an Ocean Avenue laundry room on Jan. 15. 

An employee told police that the swindler cut open the machine near Avenue Y at around 5:50 pm and stole a handful of coins.

Ring bearer

A brute threatened an employee of a Coney Island Avenue store with a knife on Jan. 13. 

The victim told police that the bruiser’s wife pawned the ring at the store near Avenue Y at around 4:15 pm before snagging it back from the employee and driving off in a BMW.