Lout tries to break into sleeping woman’s apartment

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Attempted burglary

A lout tried to break into a woman’s apartment on E. 18th Street on the night of Jan. 3.

The victim told police that the would-be intruder tried to get in while she was sleeping in her home near Avenue T sometime between 10 pm and 6 am the next day. Police say the scoundrel possibly used tools to damage the door.

Empty-handed bandit

A burglar ransacked a woman’s house on E. 14th Street on Jan. 4.

The victim told cops that the filcher climbed in through the rear bedroom window of the home near Avenue Y while she was out sometime between 5 am and 7 pm and scoured the house, but didn’t take anything.

Wallet snatcher

A burglar stole a wallet from an entry way of an apartment on West Seventh Street on Jan. 4.

The victim told police that the ne’er-do-well got in via an unlocked door and stole the wallet, bank cards, identification cards, and $120 in cash from a ledge in the entry way at 86th Street between 10:15 and 11:20 pm.

Slice thief

A delivery man was robbed at Avenue X on Jan. 1.

The victim was delivering a pizza and two sodas near Coyle Street at 11 pm when a malcontent stole his goods while simulating a pistol through his hoodie pocket, police reported.

The bandit then fled in an unknown direction, according to cops.

Violent robbery

Police arrested three men for allegedly violently robbing a man on E. 16th Street on Jan. 4.

The victim told cops that he was walking home just after 7 pm when the trio walked up to him and one allegedly punched him in the face with a knuckle glove, while the other two pushed the victim to the ground.

While the victim was on the ground, all three suspects allegedly punched him repeatedly while one of them stole his cellphone from his pocket and then they fled towards E. 17th Street, according to the police report.

Officers stopped four men, three of whom the victim identified as the suspects, and one of them had the cellphone in his jacket pocket, according to cops.

Botched shoe sale

Two armed thieves stole sneakers from a man on E. Fourth Street on Jan. 6.

The victim said that one of the louts got into the back of his car near Avenue V just after 7:30 pm to buy a pair of his sneakers, and when he was about to hand them over, the scoundrel pointed a black gun at him and told him to give him the shoes, according to cops.

A second malcontent then approached the car and told the victim to get out of the car, authorities reported.

— Kevin Duggan