Knife-wielding thug fleeces guy on Adelphi St.

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill


A thief robbed a man at knifepoint on Adelphi Street on May 14.

The 22-year-old victim told cops he was between DeKalb and Myrtle avenues at 1:45 am when the bandit approached him, and told him to give over all his money. After the thug displayed a knife, the victim handed over $40.

Kickin’ time

A thug tripped a man on at the Classon Avenue G train station and stole his cellphone on May 14.

The 19-year-old victim told cops he was standing on the platform near Lafayette Avenue at 3:50 pm when someone kicked him down, knocking his phone loose from his hand.

The crook then took off with the phone.

Old Navy

Cops arrested a man who they say tried to steal clothes from an Old Navy on Atlantic Avenue on May 16.

Representatives from the store said the man they saw the man stealing clothes at 5:20 pm and approached him.

A struggle ensued — during which he hit security guards with an umbrella.

Grave situation

A knife-toting thug robbed a man in the Fulton Street C train station on May 16.

The 14-year-old victim said he was standing on the platform near South Portland Avenue at 3:47 pm when a man wielding a gravity knife approached him and demanded his money.

After he handed over $10, the jerk fled.

Gun shots

A thug shot at a man sitting on a bench on Washington Walk on May 20 — hitting both of his legs.

The victim told cops he was on the bench near Myrtle Avenue when someone fired shots at him and fled.


A thief robbed an apartment of $5,000 in electronics on St. James Place on May 14.

The 33-year-old victim told cops he left his place between Greene and Gates avenues at 9:30 am, returning at 11:30 am to find his gadgets gone.

Car jacked

Someone broke into a car on Clinton Avenue and took the owner’s credit cards sometime between May 14 and 16.

The 22-year-old victim told cops he left his car at Lafayette Avenue at 9 pm on May 14, and returned at 7 am on May 16 to find his bag and cards gone.


A shoplifter went on a spree in the Target on Flatbush Avenue between May 13 and 19 — hitting the store multiple times, said police.

Officials say the suspect hit the store near Atlantic Avenue four times — taking shirts, DVD players, and spider wrap — before they apprehended him on May 19 at 9:25 pm.

Truck stop

Police arrested a man who they say tried to steal a truck parked on Clermont Avenue on May 17.

Officials said the man stole the Chevy that was parked between Myrtle and Willoughby avenues at noon.

They arrested a suspect three blocks down 28 minutes later.

Wheels away

A thief made off with a company’s truck parked on Greene Avenue on May 17.

Representatives from the contracting company said the driver left the car near Washington Avenue at 8 am, and returned at 4 pm to find it gone.

— Eli Rosenberg