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Knock down!

Mean streets

A hooligan knocked a cyclist from his bike and mugged the grounded man near the corner of Baltic and Hoyt streets on Jan. 13.

The victim, 25, said he was toppled at 10:45 pm and that the brigand slapped him in the face after he fell from the penny-farthing. The mugger allegedly took $70 and a cellphone.

Unloading zone

A plunderer stole the riches contained in a parked car on Hoyt Street on Jan. 10.

The driver, a 46-year-old man, said he parked his vehicle at 6 am between Wykoff and Warren streets and left it there until 2 pm. By that hour, a window had been smashed and his radio, a battery for the transceiver, antenna, and four cameras were nicked from the auto.

Ugly bagging

A thief pilfered some goodies from a women’s purse in her Bay Street office on Jan. 7.

The 23-year-old working girl told police that her pocketbook was left from 3 to 4:15 pm at her job site between Clinton and Henry streets. When she retrieved it, she told police that her cellphone and $40 were gone.

— Mike McLaughlin

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