Latin Kings detroned on Smith Street

Gangster rap

Seven thugs in the Latin Kings gang brutally mugged a 22-year-old man on May 12 at the Bergen Street subway station, cops said.

The victim told police that he was waiting for a Queens-bound G train under Smith Street at 1:30 am when the gangsters threw him to the ground and repeatedly kicked and punched him, stealing his wallet, cell phone and eyeglasses.

Police arrested seven suspects, ranging from 16 to 22 years old, and recovered the straphanger’s belongings.

Boosted mobile

A shameless bandit with dreadlocks stole a cellphone from a woman’s hand at Third and Atlantic avenues on May 15.

The 24-year-old woman told police that the crook approached her at 1 pm and said, “If you want your phone, give me $40.” She refused, so he snatched the Boost Mobile device and ran down Pacific Street.

The victim ran after the thief, but she couldn’t catch him.

Work force

A raging employee at the Checkers on Court Street punched and robbed two co-workers of their phones on May 13.

One of the victims, a 21-year-old woman, showed up for work at 5 pm at the fast food restaurant near Livingston Street and was promptly smacked by a surly female employee, who took her phone. The lady robber then went after another worker, socking his head and swiping his cellphone.

The disgruntled worker is still at large, but her total haul included an iPod, iPhone, another cellphone, debit card, and jacket.

Sleep heist

A thief stole a drunk man’s phone and debit card while he was passed out on the F train on May 6.

The 22-year-old tippler told police that he boarded a Coney Island-bound F train at 1 am in Manhattan and woke up at Jay Street-Metrotech at 7 am without his phone and debit card.

Thieves used the man’s card four times to withdraw a total of $800 from various ATMs.


Two men in ski masks attacked a man as he entered his York Street apartment on April 29 and tied him up before stealing his video games.

The 50-year-old victim told police that he entered his pad at 9 am and was set upon by the robbers.

“You know what time it is?” one said, pointing a gun at his head before the thugs led the victim to the bathroom and tied him up.

The crooks then ransacked the apartment near Gold Street and made off with two Xbox remotes, potent pain relievers, and several video games.

Photo finished

A crook made it big time when he stole photography equipment from a car on Washington and Front streets on May 11.

A 35-year-old New Jersey man told police that he parked his 2011 Volkswagen at 3 pm and went on a photo shoot. When he returned seven hours later, he found a broken passenger-side window, and his $1,300 camera, tripod, light stand and other expensive gadgets gone.

Inside job

An intern at a Bergen Street art center cashed stolen checks from his employer on May 9.

A 45-year-old pseudo-employee at the gallery near Smith Street told police the young thief cashed a $950 check and made a $500 Pay Pal transaction.

Food bank

A fast-food filcher took cash from the Popeye’s on Livingston Street on May 15 and sneaked out.

An employee told police that the thief was caught on video putting $1,200 in his pockets at 7:20 pm and running from the fast-food chain near Court Street.

Wheel bad

A thief stole a 1993 Acura sedan from Bridge and Prospect streets on May 9.

The 44-year-old owner told police that he parked at 5:45 pm and returned hours later to find it gone.

Badly filmed

A thief stole a movie projector and other equipment from a Washington Street studio on May 13.

A 51-year-old artist, who was participating in the New York Photo Festival, told police that he left a projector, an Apple computer and an Xbox Kinect in the building near Water Street at 8 pm. When he returned the next morning, they were gone.

The building was formerly home to The Brooklyn Paper.

Missing wallets

Pickpockets helped themselves to at least four purses this week.

• A thief swiped a wallet from a 44-year-old French woman on a Queens-bound A train at High Street on May 10. The purse contained Belgian ID cards, a French driver’s license, $200 and 40 Euros.

• A miscreant grabbed a wallet on the B61 bus on May 6. The 57-year-old victim told police that he got off the bus at Jay and Fulton streets at 11:30 am to discover that he was short his driver’s license, Medicaid card and $30.

• A stranger stole a purse from a woman’s shoulder at Flatbush Avenue and Livingston Street on May 13. The 30-year-old victim told police the stranger asked her a question at 2:40 pm, then ran off with her bag. The woman lost her medical papers, blood pressure and HIV medications, and $200.

• A thief stole a purse off a stroller while mom shopped at the Cookies department store on Fulton Street on May 10. The victim told police that she set her bag down for only a minute at 2 pm, but when she turned around, it was gone. The crook made off with her phone, cards, United Nations ID and a Czech driver’s license.

— Kate Briquelet