Laughs in the laboratory

Laughs in the laboratory
Family fun: Lola and Alexander Urlaub teamed up with their first-grade daughter Milena at PS 255’s Family Science Night.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

Learning science is a family-friendly affair at PS 255.

The school transformed its classrooms into mini laboratories for Family Science Night on May 3 — a science fair-style event where students and parents conducted basic experiments at the Homecrest institution on E. 17th Street near Avenue R.

More than 100 students studied chromatography — a lab test that’s used to separate different mixtures from each other — performed surface tension experiments with milk and food coloring, and learned about the water cycle, among other exercises.

Lola Urlaub and her second-grade daughter Milena taped two bottles of water together and swirled them about to simulate the weather conditions that create tornados in the classic elementary school experiment aptly-named, “Tornado in a Bottle.”

“We had a great time,” said Urlaub, whose family lives in Sheepshead Bay. “My daughter loved it.”

Other parents said the evening was a rare chance to interact with their children inside of the classroom.

“It’s nice to do projects together at school,” said Natalja Tercy, whose two daughters attend PS 255. “I really enjoyed going.”

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