Brooklyn Public Library to begin lending board games

Library board games
Benjamin Perry, Deidra Gadson, and Jason Woodland pose in front of an array of board games at the Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch.
Photo by Caroline Ourso

The Brooklyn Public Library will begin lending out board games at branches in Prospect Heights and Crown Heights next spring, allowing members to take home a wide array of puzzles, card games, and brain teasers for up to three weeks, according to a library rep.

“There will be some ‘gateway games’ — which are games with easy-to-understand rules to help interest newcomers,” said Fritzi Bodenheimer. “And, some more complex games for experienced players.”

Librarians are staying silent on which games will be loaned out through the program — which will kick off at the Central Branch in Prospect Heights and the nearby Crown Heights library — but Bodenheimer said that book lender conducted an extensive survey of library goers’ preferences before choosing their catalogue of analogue amusements.

“The librarians who developed the proposal surveyed patrons to learn what games they liked, what games would be good for children, and what games they would be interested in checking out,” she said.

Funding for the project will be provided byBklyn Incubator, a Brooklyn Public Library program that funds creative programming ideas developed in the system’s 60 branches.