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Lions make a good ‘kase’ for charity

If you’re like most people you have a closet full of knapsacks/backpacks and suitcases you no longer use. “Kases for Kids,” an international Lion’s project will take them off your hands.

The program, Kases for Kids, was designed to help the child of today to become the adult of tomorrow.

Thousands of children are removed from their homes every day, because the person taking care of them either cannot or will not care for them properly.

As a result when the child is removed his/her possessions are usually placed in a plastic or paper bag. The child, already traumatized by his/her displacement, sees personal belongs being treated like trash, further adding insult to injury.

By giving the child a suitcase or knapsack, the child is given a little more dignity when appearing at the home of a relative or a foster home.

If the child is required to take a bus or airplane to the new home his/her belongings would not be allowed if still in a plastic or paper sac, causing the child to leave behind whatever precious few possessions are owned.

The Brooklyn Canarsie Lions are asking for donations of intact suitcases and backpacks. The backpacks are for use when the child attends school. Both will be cleaned before giving them to a child and the Lions will all add school supplies to the backpacks.

The Lions will make these items available to public service agencies, police departments, child protective services, family welfare agencies and other agencies that are charged with helping young people. Since this program began, more than 10,000 donations to displaced children have been made.

If you have an extra suitcase or two or a knapsack/backpack you want to donate you may drop it off at the district office of Assemblyman Alan Maisel; 2424 Ralph Avenue; or in Canarsie to Frank Seddio, in the Power Express Office at 9306 Flatlands Avenue.

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