Lisa Speroni is on our Honor Roll

Lisa Speroni is the last of the BWECC Golden Gala honorees being spotlighted in this column, because I’ve known her the longest. My first impression of Lisa was at the Community School District 21, when we were located at PS 95 Van Stricklin Street and Gravesend Neck Road. I was there pretty much everyday at the Community School Board office, and Lisa would always greet me with a“Hi, Carmine!” as she would walk from her office to the District Office. All I could see of her was her shadowy image emerging from the sun of the windows as she approached. She always the same friendly “Hello!” coming from this profile with the big hair. She was always a sweetheart and always a sharp cookie!

Here’s her impressive background as an educator and why she is being honored:

Lisa has been with the Department of Education since 1992, beginning her career as a fifth-grade teacher at PS 101. There, she also served as the school’s Parent Liaison and the Chairperson of the Leadership Team.

In 1997, she accepted a position as a District 21 Staff Developer assigned to PS 188. In this position, she trained teachers the skills needed to teach students with different backgrounds.

The following year, Lisa returned to her school leadership roots when she accepted the position as District 21 School Leadership Team Facilitator. In this role, she again helped to improve teaching and learning for all students.

This led to her role as the District School Improvement and Compliance Coordinator in 2000, where she was responsible for reviewing all District 21 school education plans, as well as providing guidance and training to school leadership teams and administration. In addition, she coordinated and led all district-wide instructional PASS reviews in order to ensure the best methods of teaching were being used.

While serving as School Improvement and Compliance Coordinator she also held the position of Assistant Principal at PS/IS 95 from 2002-2003.

In 2003 Lisa was asked to be Principal of PS 253 under the leadership of Regional Superintendent Michelle Fratti.

It was with great pleasure that Lisa accepted this position, looking forward to the challenge of moving a school toward excellence.

Proudly, PS 253 has consecutively achieved “A” level status as a “Well Developed” school within District 21!

Lisa attributes this success to a staff that shares her educational vision in an environment where there is a shared goal for all students to achieve high levels of learning.

When not at work, Lisa spends time with her husband, Albert, and son, Jared, and her golden retriever Maya. She feels fortunate to have the continued support of her parents, two brothers, their families, and nephews Michael and William.

The Bensonhurst West End Community Council is celebrating its 50th Anniversary on Thursday, March 24, at the exquisite Riviera at Stillwell and Neptune avenues in Coney Island.

Being honored with Lisa at the Golden Gala are: Sherry Tannenbaum, Principal PS 226 is Woman of the Year, Dominick A. D’Angelo, Principal Boody IS 228 Man of the Year, Randi Garay, PS 212 President is Parent Of the Year, Yolanda And Emilio Suarez are our Couple of The Year, she Parent Coordinator PS 153 and he is a Professor Boricua College, Dr. Tim Law, Member, CEC21 receives 2011 Humanitarian Award. Attorney Frank V. Carone is our Businessman of the Year.

Screech at you next week!

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