Look out for these fake cops!

Cop rock

Two juvenile perps claimed they were police officers and struck a man with his own cane on Berry Street on March 6 — but one was arrested by a real cop.

The man had parked his car near S. Eighth Street at 7:40 pm when the perps approached and said they were officers. The man asked them for ID and yelled for help, but one of the perps grabbed his cane and hit him repeatedly.

Genuine officers arrived and arrested one of the 15-year-old boys.

Weight lift

A thug struck a man with an iron weight-lifting plate inside his Porter Avenue apartment on Feb. 27, fracturing his ribs.

The perp grabbed the round weight and swung it toward his victim’s body at 11 pm. The man collapsed in pain, and the perp fled toward Johnson Avenue before he was arrested.

Rob mob

At least two sites were burglarized last week:

• A perp swiped a DJ’s laptop from a Meserole Street radio station. The disc-spinner signed off on March 4 at 9:30 pm, but when he returned to Bushwick Avenue at 3 am the next morning, he noticed that the equipment was gone.

• A thief stole $2,000 worth of tools and cleaning supplies from a Stagg Street building near Lorimer Street on Feb. 25 after its super locked the building up at 6 pm.

Car problems

Two cars were broken into:

• A thief swiped a Jeep from S. Fifth Street near Keap Street between Feb. 27 and March 3.

• A thief stole a $2,500 man’s wig from a Honda on Middleton Street near Union Avenue sometime after 11 pm on Feb. 26.

— Aaron Short