Looter takes clothes from woman’s car

72nd Precinct

Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

No new clothes

A pilferer stole clothes from a woman’s 2018 Dodge Ram parked on Fourth Avenue on May 27, the woman reported to police on May 29.

The theft occurred between 25th and 26th streets between 3 am and 4:30 am, when cameras captured the perp entering the car, cops reported.

Double holdup

Police arrested two men who they say held an employee of a Third Avenue store at gunpoint and stole $230 and an iPhone 6 on May 28.

The alleged robbery occurred at 32nd Street at 6:40 pm, when the men entered and repeatedly yelled “give me the money,” according to authorities. Police arrested the men the same day, at 33rd Street and Third Avenue, and 31st Street between Snyder and Tilden avenues.

Punched and robbed

A lout punched a man — causing bruising to the left eye — before stealing $1,500, a gold chain, and a cellphone from him when he was walking on 39th Street on May 28.

The lowlife also kicked and punched a second man, causing bruising and swelling to his right, and stealing credit cards and his wallet, police reported.

The theft and assault occurred near Second Avenue at about 6:30 pm, and the crook fled in an unknown direction, cops said.


Police arrested a man who they say struck a woman in the head with a metal object, causing a minor laceration and swelling to the head, on Eighth Avenue on May 28.

The alleged assault occurred at 52nd Street at about 9:30 pm, and police arrested the man the same day.

Hard-to-find drives

A nogoodnik stole electronics from a man’s 2016 Dodge Caravan, parked in a Hamilton Avenue parking garage, on May 29.

The theft occurred in the garage near the Gowanus Expressway between 1:30 pm and 2:40 pm, the car owner told police, adding that he returned to his car and found that his two bags with eight external hard drives were missing.

Head trauma

A lout punched, kicked, and struck a drunk man in the head with an unknown object on Fourth Avenue in the early morning hours of May 30.

The assault occurred at 56th Street just before 6 am, and caused lacerations that required 18 staples to the victim’s head, plus an abrasion to his left forearm, cops said.

Phoned a friend

A good-for-nothing stole a man’s gold iPhone 7 Plus from a basketball court at a Sixth Avenue playground on June 2.

The theft occurred at the playground between 55th and 56th streets between 1 pm and 1:55 pm, according to the report.

— Julianne McShane

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