Lots of beatings

Strike out

An amateur thief tried to hold up the bank on the corner of Myrtle and Vanderbilt avenues on March 29, but ended up fleeing without a dime.

The teller told cops that the man handed her a note demanding a wad of cash at around 4:30 pm. Before any dough changed hands, though, the premature perp ran for the door and managed to get away before police arrived.

BAM burg

A theater-loving thief stole a woman’s silver bracelet from the Brooklyn Academy of Music on March 12, getting away with a piece worth $1,365.

The victim told cops that the back stage room at the Lafayette Avenue musical institution is open to the public, but only the thief and one other person knew that the bracelet was there.

Macbook mysteries

Careful computer owners, your electronics may not even be safe in your own homes. Two apartments were stripped of their Macbooks last week! Here’s a roundup:

• Someone stole two of the prized laptops from a Greene Street apartment on March 29 and disappeared. The victim told cops that she discovered the crime when she returned to the unit, which is near Adelphi Street, at around 7:30 pm. Closer inspection revealed that her roommate’s computer was missing, too.
• Another tech-savvy swindler grabbed a Macbook from a Clinton Avenue apartment on March 31. The victim told cops that she and her roommate had left the apartment, which is between Myrtle and Park avenues, at around 2 pm and returned later to discover the digital disaster.

Target trickery

A fast-handed offender stole a woman’s wallet from out of her purse while she was shopping at the notorious Target in the Atlantic Avenue Terminal on March 29.

The victim told cops that the purse was on her shoulder the entire time that she was in the store, which is near the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues, but when she got to the checkout line at around 4 pm, she noticed that the wallet had been picked.

It’s just the latest purse-snatching at the store, which makes virtually weekly appearances in our Police Blotter.

Car thrash

A crazed driver almost killed a pedestrian crossing Fulton Street at Washington Avenue on March 30 — but then ended up whacking the walker with his cane!

The victim told cops that the car rounded the corner at around 10:40 am, almost taking him out. That’s when he began screaming at the driver, who exited his car and began thrashing him in the head with his cane before speeding off.

Bra-zen thief

A perp got away with a woman’s bra, plus $100, after he approached her with a knife on Ashland Street between DeKalb Avenue and Fulton Street on March 30.

The victim told cops that she was walking down the street at around 11:30 pm when she heard a man yell from behind her, “Don’t walk away from me.”

When the insistent thug caught up to her, he began rummaging through her pockets to find her cash. Once he got his hands on the money, he flashed a knife and told her to take off her bra and give it to him. Once he got the support he needed, he fled toward Fulton Street.

Sidewalk shots

A chat turned violent — and then to gunfire — on Waverly Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Fulton Street on April 3.

The victim told cops that he and his soon-to-be shooter were talking at around 4:15 am, but when the conversation got heated, the man pulled out a gun and shot him in the leg.

Officer Christian Delacruz made the arrest.

Park perp

A greedy thief stole $500 and a cellphone from his victim, who was just trying to use the bathroom in Fort Greene Park on April 2.

The victim told police that he was near N. Portland and Myrtle avenues en route to the restroom at around 4 pm when a man approached from behind, grabbed him, and said, “Give me your money.”

The thief got some Benjamins, but it wasn’t enough, so he tore off the man’s jacket, leaving him cold and penniless.


In a twist on the oldest trick in the book, a perp stole a man’s iPhone on the G train on April 3 after telling him that he merely wanted to see it for a few minutes — but he didn’t get far with his ill-gotten booty.

The victim told cops that the train had just left the Metropolitan Avenue station at around 11:30 pm when the inquisitive thief asked him if he could see the popular cellular device. The trusting owner handed it over, but as the train approached the Fulton Street station, he asked for his phone back.

That’s when the thug hit him in the face and head, and ran out.

Officer Catherine Farley grabbed the greedy passenger at Hoyt Street.

Throat threat

A thief held up a man on Classon Avenue at knifepoint for his cellphone on April 3, but was collared later.

The victim told cops that he was near Myrtle Avenue at around 7:40 pm when the perp surprised him, pulled the knife, put it up against his throat and demanded money and the phone.

But the knife was no match for Officer Philip Facenda, who arrested the man shortly afterwards.

Beat down

A group of thugs beat up a man and stole his phone on Fulton Street on April 4 — but were quickly apprehended.

The victim told police that he was near Lafayette Avenue at around 1 am when one man pulled out a razor blade as two others surrounded him. The trio then pummelled the victim before rummaging through his pockets and stealing his phone.

But Officer Edgar Gonzalez soon arrived and made the arrests.

Steal bucks

A thief swiped a woman’s purse at the Atlantic Terminal Mall on April 4 — but she didn’t realize it until she was paying for a cup of coffee later in the day.

By that time, the thief had already rung up $425 in charges on the purloined credit card.

— Claire Glass