Lout stabs man in the chest during verbal dispute

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

That’s gotta hurt

A miscreant stabbed a man in the chest on 65th Street on April 6, police said.

The victim told police he was between W. Fifth and W. Sixth streets at around 10:35 p.m. when he tried to intervene in a verbal dispute between the perp and another man, according to the report, which added that the lout fled in an unknown direction. Emergency medical personnel transported the man to NYU Langone Hospital–Brooklyn, police said.

Wardrobe haul

Police arrested a woman who allegedly stole more than $1,900 worth of clothes from a Bay Parkway store on April 1.

The alleged theft occurred from the store near Shore Parkway at around 1:40 p.m., police said.

Computer whiz

A swindler scammed a W. 13th Street woman out of $4,300 at some point between April 1 through 6 by claiming she had a virus in her computer and she needed to buy gift cards to pay to remove them.

The scammer called the woman, who lives between Avenue P and Kings Highway, at around 10 am on April 1, according to the report, which added that the perp told the woman she needed to buy Google Play cards to pay for the alleged virus removal.

Don’t pick up the phone

A scammer pretending to be a representative from the Internal Revenue Service swindled a man out of $2,000 over the phone while he was on Quentin Road on April 2.

The incident occurred around noon, when the man left his accountant’s office at W. Eighth Street and received a call from the swindler threatening to freeze his bank account if he did not deposit the cash into a Bitcoin cash machine, police said.

Counter swipe

Police arrested a woman after she allegedly stole a man’s wallet with his credit and debit cards inside after he left it on the counter of a 17th Avenue store on April 3.

The alleged incident occurred at the store between 78th and 79th streets at around 2 pm, police said.

Identity theft

A thief stole more than $25,000 from a W. Fourth Street woman by opening up five fake credit card accounts in her name between April 3 and 6, police said.

The scammer swindled the woman, who lives between 65th Street and Avenue O, at some point after 10 am on April 3, police said.

Didn’t get far

Police arrested a man who they say broke into an 81st Street home on April 4.

Cops claim the suspect broke down the door at the home between Bay Parkway and 23rd Avenue at around 5 pm, and said they did not know if the man stole anything, according to the report.

Truck no

A thief stole a white 2010 Ford truck from its Shore Parkway parking spot at sometime overnight on April 5.

The theft occurred from the spot between Bay 16th and Bay 17th streets at some point after 5:30 pm on April 5, when the man parked the car.

Better check again

A lout swindled a Bay Eighth Street man out of more than $8,900 by cashing two fraudulent checks from his account, the man told police on April 6.

The victim, who lives between 86th Street and Benson Avenue, reported the incident to officers at around 9:30 am, and said that he had his checkbook the entire time, according to the report.

Steal on wheels

A thief stole $3,500 and electronics from a man’s car that he parked on Cropsey Avenue at some point between April 6 and 7, police said.

The theft occurred at the parking spot at Bay 32nd Street at some point after 7 am on April 6, according to the report.

— Julianne McShane

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