Lout steals cash and pizza from delivery man

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Have a slice of that!

A thief stole pizza from a delivery man at S. Elliot Place on Feb. 17.

The victim told cops that he was delivering the pies to the address between Hanson Place and S. Portland Avenue at 11:45 pm when the malefactor paid him what looked like a fake $100 bill.

When the victim gave back the fraudulent currency, the lout pulled out a black object that the victim assumed was a gun and demanded all the delivery man’s change in addition to the purloined pies, cops said.

A cutting case

Two louts violently robbed a teen on Monument Walk on Feb. 18.

The victim told cops he was near Navy Street at 9:45 pm when the delinquent duo approached him, and one of them demanded he hand over all of his money or they would shoot him.

One of the brutes then bashed the victim in the back of the head with a blunt object, and they took $200 from him before making a run for it, according to cops.

Stab attack

A man stabbed a guy in the face on Saint Edwards Street on Feb. 24.

The victim told police he and the attacker had had an argument about drugs earlier in the day, and when the victim encountered the man, along with a woman, near Myrtle Avenue at 4:50 am, they got into a dispute, which escalated when the brute stabbed the man in the face, according to police.

The attacker and woman then fled the scene, and officers brought the victim to Methodist Hospital, cops said.

Big bounty

A burglar stole $20,000 from a woman’s N. Oxford Walk apartment while she was away between Dec. 26 of last year and Feb. 20.

The woman told police she was out of her apartment near N. Portland Avenue between 5 am on Dec. 26 and 2:15 pm on Feb. 20, during which someone cut her window guard frame and took the cash from her nightstand table. She was hospitalized on Jan. 1 and left a key with her sister, according to cops.

The victim also told cops that her neighbor saw her brother-in-law exit the apartment three days after she was hospitalized.

Snooze sneak

A cur stole a man’s phone at a Flatbush Avenue fast-food restaurant on Feb. 17.

The victim told cops that he fell asleep at one of the tables of the eatery near Fulton Street at 10 pm and that his phone was in his sweatshirt pocket with a cable sticking out.

When he woke at 1 am, he realized someone had snatched the phone from his pocket and left the wire behind, according to police.

Tracked down

Cops arrested a man for stealing a woman’s cellphone on a platform at the Atlantic Avenue train station on Feb. 20.

The woman told police she was at the Q train platform at the station near Hanson place at 3:45 pm when the suspect reached into her purse and grabbed her phone.

A passerby yelled to alert the woman that the suspect was stealing from her, and at which point he fled on the Q train towards Brighton Beach, according to cops.

The victim used the Find My iPhone app, which pinged the suspect at E. 17th Street and Caton Avenue, authorities said.

Police searched the area, and when they called the victim’s number, saw the suspect answer it, and arrested him on the spot, cops said.

— Kevin Duggan