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Louts loot liquor store’s register

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Boozing brutes

Two men robbed an E. 13th Street liquor store at gunpoint on Jan. 3, police said.

The boozehounds walked into the store near Avenue Z around 7:15 and, like any other customer, grabbed a bottle of liquor and brought it to the counter. But when the clerk bagged up their booze, they ran around the counter and one pulled a revolver on him, ordering him to empty the register, a police report stated.

The clerk handed over $1,200 and his own cellphone, and the thieves split, according to police.

Teens robbed at gunpoint

A menacing mugger pulled a gun on a young teen and robbed him of his wallet in his own First Court driveway on Jan 7 — and may have been responsible for a similar theft a block away.

The teen was locking up his scooter in his garage near Coney Island Avenue after a night ride around 9 pm when the brute came up behind him, brandished a black handgun, and demanded his wallet, according to police.

The teen complied, but the thief hit him in the back of the head anyway and ran toward E. Ninth Street, said officials.

Around the same time and about a block away on E. Ninth Street, a guy fitting the same description robbed another young teen, police said.

The mugger confronted his victim halfway between Avenues R and S. He flashed a black handgun as well and demanded his wallet and phone, police said. The teen handed over his iPhone 6 and a state identification card and the robber fled, according to authorities.

Left with a mess

A burglar turned over a guy’s Ocean Avenue apartment on Jan. 8, but left empty-handed, according to police.

The victim told police he returned to his apartment near Avenue Y around 6 pm after a dinner out to find his home completely ransacked. The would-be thief appeared to have made his entry and exit through a window, police said. Two of the windows were missing stoppers the victim had installed to keep them from opening too wide, and one was left open, he told police.

— Dennis Lynch

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