‘Love’s’ labor’s lost

Still in Love: Some of the happy vandals graffiti that’s been popping up around Marine Park has been cleaned up, but this example of his message of love and peace can still be found at Schenectady Avenue near Avenue O.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

There’s a little less “Love” to go around now in Marine Park.

Illicit-but-positive street art sprayed on walls across Marine Park by a bleeding-heart vandal has been getting the white-wash treatment following a New York Daily News report on Tuesday that brought attention to it — despite locals telling the tabloid that they kind of like the message of peace and love.

“I think it’s really nice,” Barbara Errante, 30, a receptionist at Marine Park Veterinary Group on Avenue S told the New York Daily News.

The vandal-peacenik has left a tell-tale mark — the word “Love” with a peace sign for the “O” and a heart for the “V” — in numerous locations across the southern Brooklyn neighborhood.

The messages include “Love Knows No Limits,” “Love is Patient,” and “Love is Kind.”

Just hours after a report by the Daily News about how the illegal tags have been getting thumbs up from residents for their positive message, however, several examples of the “artist’s” beloved works have vanished.

One of the tags on Avenue R near Madison Place, reading “Love Knows No Limits,” disappeared along with the construction fencing it was painted on.

Another example of the vandal’s art disappeared on Quentin Road, although, in this particular instance, its disappearance is less of a surprise.

The graffiti was sprayed on the facade of Graphic Dimensions Press between E. 35th and E. 36th streets and supervisor Steven Gonzalez told the Daily News that he was not impressed.

“If I saw him do this, I would have grabbed him and held him until the police came to pick him up,” Gonzalez told the daily tabloid.

Anyone still interested in eyeing the vandal’s work in person can still go to Schenectady Avenue near Avenue O, although that message is also written on some temporary construciton fencing that could disappear at any moment.

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No love here: A happy vandal’s graffiti was cleaned up off the facade of the Graphic Dimensions Press building on Quentin Road, despite some locals who say they like the crook’s message of love and peace.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

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