Machete-toting bandit robs teen

90th Precinct



A machete-wielding robber ambushed a teenager on Stagg Walk on July 27 and got away with his phone, wallet, and bicycle, police said.

The 18-year-old victim said he was walking between Leonard Street and Manhattan Avenue at 5 pm when the marauder came out of the shadows wielding the big blade along with a pocketknife.

“Give me everything you got,” the ruffian said, then put the machete up to the victim’s face, per a report.

The victim forked over his phone, wallet, red mountain-bike, headphones, and MetroCard, officers said. The victim told police he did not see where the thief ran off to afterwards.

Help is on its way out

A pair of villains posed as good Samaritans to get close to a woman so they could rob her on S. Eighth Street on July 27, officers said.

The 31-year-old victim said she was standing in front of her friend’s building between Wythe Avenue and Berry Street at 5:05 am, distraught and trying to call her neighbor on the phone to get inside. The cretinous twosomes strolled up and said they would wait with her, according to a report.

“Don’t cry. We will help you,” one of the ne’er-do-wells told her, per police.

When the friend finally opened the door, the louts grabbed the waiting woman’s iPhone out of her hand and scrammed towards Bedford Avenue, an NYPD account says.


Cops cuffed a couple of guys who they say stole a motorcycle out of a Wythe Avenue parking garage on July 11 and rode it to Queens.

The victim said he parked his hog in a lot at the corner of Keap Street at 7:30 pm. He thought it was safe until he heard from a police officer, who told him he had found the ride dumped in Queens, according to cops.

The police arrested two suspects they reported were caught on camera.

Taking a stab

A gang of toughs harassed a man and stabbed him in the stomach on Lee Avenue on July 26, police stated.

The victim recounted that he was between Taylor and Wilson streets at 3:10 am when the crew of miscreants started yelling at him from across the street. He told the police he does not remember what was said, but before he knew it the bullies had approached and one had stuck him in the stomach. The lot of them then fled, cops said.

Emergency responders took him to Woodhull Medical Center, where he was treated for a puncture wound and released, officers said.

Sibling rivalry

A 15-year-old boy was arrested for allegedly tying up his little brother and knocking him out with ammonia in their S. Third Street home on July 24, according to police.

The 13-year-old victim said he went to sleep at 8:20 am in his family’s apartment between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street, then woke up for a second and saw an arm and a black shirtsleeve and felt wetness on his face, then fell back asleep.

When he woke back up at 9:05 am, his hands were tied to the bed and a pair of white boxer shorts soaked in ammonia were laying next to his face, according to cops. The victim’s mother told police that she saw the older brother come home earlier that night with a bag of chips and a sandwich.

The 15-year-old was arrested and charged with assault.

— Danielle Furfaro