Maimonides’ Dr. Patrick Borgen to chair nationwide clinical conference

Dr. Patrick Borgen of Maimonides Medical Center.
Maimonides Medical Center

A Brooklyn health bigwig is heading to Miami to chair the largest clinical conference of its kind. 

Dr. Patrick Borgen of Maimonides Medical Center is serving as the chair of the 40th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference between March 2 and March 5, helping to bring together the country’s top surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists, as well as geneticists, pathologists, radiologists, and supportive care specialists for riveting seminars about the field of medicine. 

“It’s a true honor and a privilege to serve as Chair of the Miami Breast Cancer Conference for the 10th year in a row,” said Dr. Patrick Borgen. “Not only am I able to learn from some of the nation’s leading experts and bring those teachings back to my own practice at Maimonides, but I’m able to facilitate the education and exchange of new research, studies, and methods to cancer care providers from across the country, improving the quality of care for all patients and survivors.” 

The meeting will see over 1000 participants who will learn from a faculty of nearly 50 world class experts. 

“Now in its 40th year, the Miami Breast Cancer Conference is an incredible opportunity for providers to learn and implement innovative new treatments into their own practices,” Dr. Borgen said. 

Ken Gibbs, the President and CEO of Maimonides Health, hailed Borgen for his amazing work as part of Maimonides. 

“As the Chair of our Department of Surgery, and as the head of the Maimonides Breast Center and Maimonides Cancer Center, Dr. Borgen works tirelessly to deliver top tier care for our patients,” said Gibbs.

“His role as Chair of the Miami Breast Cancer Conference allows him to bring expert physicians and researchers together to share the best and newest developments in cancer care and implement those strategies at home in Brooklyn. We congratulate him on a successful 10-year run as Conference Chair, and we applaud him for his unwavering dedication to staying on top of the newest innovations in the care and treatment of our patients and Breast cancer survivors across the nation.”