Maniac shoots victim on 70th Street


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Botched robbery

A gunman shot a man on 70th Street near 14th Ave on Oct. 25 in a botched robbery, police say. 

The victim told cops he left his house at 11:40 pm, when he was approached by the criminal, who told him to “run his pockets.” When the victim refused, the maniac allegedly pulled a gun on him and shot him twice in the leg before fleeing. 

The victim drove himself to Maimonides Hospital where he was treated for his wounds. 


Three crooks robbed a guy on 70th Street on Nov. 1, according to police.

The victim told cops he was walking to the deli near 18th Ave at 1:20 am when the three thieves approached him and said “give us your s—.” One of the marauders allegedly punched the victim in the face and simulated a gun before making off with his gold chain, cell phone, and bracelet in a brown SUV.

It gives you wings

A bandit with a taste for energy drinks ripped off a Pharmacy on 86th Street on Oct. 27, cops say.

Employees of the store near Bay 10th Street say the sneak made off with 31 cans of Red Bull from the stock room at around 6:30 am.

Picked up

A carjacker stole an SUV on 62nd Street on Oct. 26, police say.

The victim told cops he parked his ride near 18th Street on Oct. 22, and returned on Oct. 26 only to find it stolen.