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Marty: I have to knock my challenger off the ballot to save democracy

Brooklyn's own "Velvet Fog" has been silenced with a mysterious throat ailment.
The Brooklyn Paper / Joe Marino

Borough President Markowitz’s campaign says that it must kick the Beep’s sole Democratic primary challenger off the ballot to ensure the “integrity” of the balloting process.

On Monday, three Markowitz allies filed objections against nominating signatures collected by political newcomer Eugene Myrick, who handed in roughly 6,000 signatures more than the 4,000 required to secure a spot on the Sept. 15 primary ballot.

Markowitz’s election lawyer, former state Sen. Marty Connor, said that Myrick’s submissions were so sloppy that the campaign had to object if only to protect “the integrity of the balloting process.”

“In 38 years as an election lawyer, I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Connor. “He filed 4,477 sheets [of signatures] in 20 volumes — but only 1,201 sheets had any signatures on them at all. He filed pages and pages of blank sheets.”

The challenge to Myrick’s candidacy was formally filed by Debra Kresh-Garcia, who is the executive director of Markowitz’s Seaside Summer Concert Series, and two other Brooklynites whose connection to Markowitz is unknown. Markowitz is listed on the objection as “a candidate aggrieved.”

Connor argued that Myrick’s “clear attempt was to deceive.”

“The first few sheets of a volume will have signatures and the last few sheets will have signatures, but there are hundreds of blank pages in between,” Connor said. “He’s hoping someone will look at the first few and the last few and think, ‘Oh, boy, they have a lot of signatures.’”

Late on Wednesday, more than a day after Connor alleged fraud, Myrick finally issued a statement:

“I am confident that I have obtained in excess of the 4,000 signatures required to remain on the ballot,” he said.

Last week, he was far more critical of Markowitz.

“Why not let the democratic process play itself out with campaigning, debates and allowing the people to vote?” he asked. “What are they afraid of?”

They’re afraid, Connor said, of allowing someone on the ballot who does not belong there. Connor alleged that at least 8,034 of Myrick’s signatures are invalid because the signer either does not live in Brooklyn or is not a registered voter.

“It’s not like there are only a few mistakes in his filing — it’s almost entirely garbage,” Connor said. “It’s about the integrity of the process.”

Not everyone sees it so clearly. After The Brooklyn Paper reported last week about the Markowitz campaign’s preliminary move to challenge Myrick, the online version of the story was flooded with comments about Markowitz’s attempt to ensure that he does not have a Democratic challenger.

“OK, Mr. Porch-wine drinking, Brooklyn Bridge–selling, pretend–Cyclone riding, sound nuisance, potato-shaped amphitheater proponent, Atlantic Yards crappy giveaway, Bozo the Beep, I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR YOU AGAIN! EVER! NEVER! EVER! NEVER-EVER!” posted Fourth Estate from DUMBO. “I would write in Sarah Palin before I would even consider pulling the lever under your name.”

Jerry from Coney Island added, “Borough President Marty Markowitz: As they say in Gaelic, you are a putz! I’d vote for anyone but you come this November. You self-serving, loud and obnoxious political hack.”

East New York resident and “Chocolate Brides” publisher Eugene Myrick wants to challenge Borough President Markowitz, but the beep is moving to knock him off the September primary ballot.

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