Meet the Baracklyn Cyclones

Meet the Baracklyn Cyclones

Even the Brooklyn Cyclones are taking advantage of the most anticipated presidential inaugural in decades.

The hometown team will don “Baracklyn Cyclone” jerseys for their June 23 home game at Keyspan Park — plus the front office will roll out special election-themed giveaways, including ticket prices that turn back the clock to the days before George W. Bush made his mark on the nation.

In addition, on Jan. 20, the team, which has not won a league title since 2001, will officially be calling itself the “Baracklyn Cyclones,” a reference to The Brooklyn Paper’s now-legendary election week headline.

“The President-elect’s message is one of change,” said Cyclone GM Steve Cohen. “In an effort to pay homage to that idea, we’re changing our prices, our policies, and the name of our team — for one day, at least.”

For the June 23 game, the New York–Penn League’s perennial vice presidents will provide “universal health care” to the first 1,000 fans, in the form of free Band-Aids. Any plumber named Joe will receive two free tickets — one for himself and one to “spread the wealth.”

Anyone with the surname “McCain” or “Palin” will get a free bleacher seat (it’s a consolation prize). And the first 2,500 people through the turnstiles will get a Barack Obama bobblehead doll, featuring the 44th president wearing a Baracklyn Cyclones jersey, number 44.

Oh, and by the way, anyone named Barack will get in for free.

Tickets for the June 23 game, at reduced prices, will be available from 10 am on Jan. 20 until Jan. 23 by calling (718) 507-TIXX.