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Mike is Bloomy’s McMahon!

Mayor Bloomberg has endorsed Democratic Councilman Mike McMahon for a House seat against Republican Robert Straniere. It’s the latest high-profile, cross-party endorsement for the centrist McMahon.

Yet another Republican — well, sort of — has endorsed Democratic Councilman Mike McMahon for the Bay Ridge congressional seat long held by the GOP.

Mayor Bloomberg — a Republican, though he technically re-registered as an independent during his brief flirtation with presidential politics this summer — said in a statement last Friday that McMahon would be “a strong voice [who will] get results in transportation, health care and the economy.”

The endorsement comes less than a week after Republican-Conservative Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro also abandoned his party to endorse McMahon against the GOP nominee, former Assemblyman Robert Straniere.

Both men are hoping to succeed damaged goods Rep. Vito Fossella, the six-term congressman who stepped down after a drunk-driving arrest and a subsequent admission that he sired a lovechild with a woman not his wife.

The Bloomy bump comes as the GOP spent most of this week trying to ease Straniere out of the race. On Monday, party officials nominated him to be a judge in hopes that he would quit the race so Fossella could jump in. Straniere rejected the nomination, and Fossella reiterated that he is not a candidate.

The Republican and Conservative party feud with Straniere goes back to 2004, when Staten Island GOP leaders dissed Straniere and backed then-Councilman Vincent Ignizio in that year’s primary. Ignizio went on to defeat the assemblyman, who now owns a hot dog restaurant in Manhattan, where he also lives.

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