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Jobs smack

A jerk slapped an iPhone out of a woman’s hands and ran off with the expensive device on Bond Street on Jan. 13.

The woman said she was near Atlantic Avenue at about 5:35 pm when her assailant ran up and smacked the phone to the ground, then picked it up and left.

Bond Street and Atlantic Avenue

Shoe sham

A klepto with an apparent need for shoes stole a pair of ritzy kicks from Soula shoes on Smith Street on Jan. 11.

An employee at the shop told cops that the perp came into the store, which is near Warren Street, at about 5:45 pm and asked to see a pair valued at $1,005. The thief tried them on and then fled the store when the worker wasn’t looking.

Table heist

A sneaky burglar managed to lift a $1,000 side table from the Bo Concept furniture store on Front Street on Jan. 13 — while the store was open.

Store managers told cops that they noticed the side table and a metal frame missing from the store, which is near Washington Street, at about 11:30 am. They said that the store is rigged with cameras, but they weren’t on at the time.


A mugger was arrested after holding up a pedestrian for his iPod on DeKalb Avenue on Jan. 12.

The victim said that he was near Flatbush Avenue Extension at about 4 am when the creep approached, pretending to have a gun in his pocket.

“Do you have any money, an iPod or phone?” the jerk asked, prompting the victim to hand over his iPod. Cops soon caught the thief.

Window wash

A sneaky thief used a shovel to pull a MacBook out of the victim’s Dean Street window on Jan. 14.

The tenant of the apartment, which is near Hoyt Street, said that she came home at about 4 pm to find a shovel near her open window. Inside, the laptop was missing from her desk near the window.


A swift thug swiped a woman’s iPhone on the A train platform in the Hoyt and Schermerhorn streets station on Jan. 15.

The woman said that she was waiting for the express train at about 6:40 pm when the thief approached — during rush hour — grabbed the expensive phone out of her fingers and fled.

Grab bag

A brute smashed the window of a car parked on Jay Street and stole an expensive bag and a laptop early on Jan. 15.

The victim told cops that he arrived at his car, which was near York Street, at about 2 am to find glass everywhere and MacBook missing.

— Andy Campbell

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