More robberies at Target

Target troubles

At least three more thefts took place inside the troubled Atlantic Terminal Target last week. Here’s the rundown:

• A thief snagged a wallet from a shopper looking for bargains at the store, which is near Atlantic Avenue, on March 19. The woman’s bag was sitting inside a shopping cart at around 4 pm when the thief rifled through it.

• A goon handed a stolen wallet to an accomplice after swiping it from a 25-year-old’s shopping cart on March 26. The woman saw the thief take her wallet out of her bag at 5:45 pm, but he had already passed it off when she confronted him.

• Two women were arrested on after they tried to smuggle 55 articles of clothing on March 27. The thieves also tried to make off with some groceries and baby items during the 8:30 pm theft.


Two gun-toting goons jumped a man at the corner of DeKalb and Waverly avenues on March 20, robbing him of $80.

The victim was nearing the corner at 9 pm when the thugs threw him against a gate and flashed a revolver.

Fewer dollars

A thug mugged a 27-year-old woman inside Fort Greene Park on March 21 — despite his victim’s claims that she only had $4.

The victim was on her way out of the park, approaching the corner of DeKalb Avenue and Fort Greene Place at 9:05 am when the thief pulled a gun on her and demanded her cash.

The victim opened her nearly empty wallet to show him she had very little to give, but the thief took the cash anyway.

Quick catch

Two teenage thugs robbed a 16-year-old of his iPod and cellphone at Flatbush Avenue and Hanson Place on March 23 — but cops caught up with them before they got too far.

The victim was nearing the corner at 1:15 pm when the thieves grabbed him, demanding his property.


A knife-wielding thug held up a 27-year-old at the corner of DeKalb Avenue and Hudson Street on March 26, taking the man’s cash and wallet.

The victim was walking home at 3:31 am when the thief approached with his blade in his hand.

Incognito ingrate

A thief masquerading as a construction worker swiped a circular saw from a Fulton Street site on March 15.

A contractor at the project near Washington Avenue said the thief sported a reflective vest when he came in at 11:30 am and grabbed the $1,100 tool.

Five on one

A brutish quintet surrounded and robbed a 14-year-old boy of $8 during a March 24 confrontation at the corner of DeKalb Avenue and S. Oxford Street.

The victim was on his way home from school at 3:40 pm when the thieves grabbed him.

iPhone grab

A thief snagged an iPhone from a 28-year-old woman riding a Flatbush-bound 5 train rumbling into the Nevins Street station.

The thief grabbed the pricey smart phone and fled the train car before the doors could close at 2 pm.

BAM bilk

A thief plucked a 42-year-old woman’s wallet as she watched a movie at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on March 25.

The thief lifted the wallet and ran up the woman’s credit cards sometime before 4:40 pm, when the woman realized it was missing.

Willoughby whisk

A thief made off with a 24-year-old woman’s wallet during a visit to Pratt Institute on March 17.

The student was inside a Willougby Avenue building between Hall Street and Erasmus Place at 5:30 pm when she accidentally left her purse hanging off the back of her chair. When she returned to her bag a half hour later, her wallet was missing.