More thefts of patients at Slope hospital

Holy name

Police said this week that two more patients at New York Methodist Hospital have had their stuff stolen while they recuperated in a bed at the Sixth Street medical center.

• According to police reports, a thief swiped a woman’s bag from a third-floor waiting room when the bag was unattended for just 10 minutes at around 2 pm on March 31. The woman told cops that she lost various cards and $20.

• Another patient had her cellphone stolen sometime during her treatment on Feb. 16, police reported. She didn’t notify cops until she got a $1,300 bill in March.

Underground men

The subway was the scene of two crimes on March 31:

• At around noon, a thief grabbed the cellphone out of a woman’s hand just as the doors on a Flatbush Avenue–bound 2 train were closing at the Grand Army Plaza station.

•A thief on a Brighton Beach–bound Q train waited until just the right at around 8 pm second before snatching a woman’s iPhone from her hand as the doors closed at the Seventh Avenue station.

Road retort

At least three motor vehicles were swiped last week:

• A thief nabbed a 2004 Jaguar from Seventh Street overnight on April 1. The owner told cops he’d parked between Fourth and Fifth avenues at 7 pm, but the stately wheels were gone by 7 the next morning.

• A motorized scooter was swiped from Warren Street between March 27 and 29. The owner said he’d parked between Fourth and Fifth avenues.

• Yet another specimen of the greatest car model ever — the 1990 Toyota Camry — was swiped from Garfield Place overnight on April 2. The owner of this legendary set of wheels told cops that he’d parked the much-desired 21-year-old car near Seventh Avenue at 11:30 am, but it was gone by 10 am the next day. To paraphrase the old commercials: Oy, what a feeling.

— Gersh Kuntzman