More vandalism against gas guzzlers on PPW!

These thugs targeted gas guzzlers in PPW vandalism
Community Newspaper Group / Joe Anuta

Four more gas guzzlers were vandalized on Prospect Park West early this morning, the second attack against big cars in as many days.

Yesterday, we reported that eight minivans and SUVs had their windows smashed in a violent spree between First and 12th streets.

But on Thursday, residents awoke to discover that they had been victimized in a second night of broken glass, this time near Fifth Street.

“We’ve never seen vandalism like this,” said Michelle Gonzalez, whose van was a victim of the serial smashers two nights in a row. “Now I’m too afraid to park my car on the street. What’s the point of destroying somebody’s property?”

Other victims discovered the broken glass as they were rushing to work.

“Now I have to pay for this,” said Mitch Delhoyo, who stared through a gaping hole in the back of his sport utility vehicle. “This is not common in this neighborhood.”

Curiously, only minivans and sport utility vehicles appeared to be targets — which led many Park Slopers to speculate on a more complicated modus operandi.

“They’re targeting a particular section of society,” said resident Jana Bruns.

Another resident couldn’t believe her eyes.

“This makes me a little nervous,” said Cindy Ferrara. “It’s like political statement.”

A neighborhood glass repairman also confirmed the vandals’ prejudice.

“They are targeting minivans more,” said Joe Guerrieri, who has repaired at least 18 vehicles since yesterday.

He added that the marauders probably used a pellet gun to shoot out the glass, judging by the bb-sized holes in many windows that came through his shop.

The damage to the large automobiles could range from $180 to nearly $500.