Mugged for iPhone on Varet

White lie

Three teenage perps stole a man’s iPhone and wallet after confronting him at White Street on Dec. 26.

The perps approached the man near Varet Street at 2:50 pm, and one asked, “Do you know what time it is?”

Then they followed him, and one thief asked, “Give me your phone and your wallet.” The victim surrendered both, and the bad guys fled.

Grand burg

A thief bored a hole in the door of a Grand Street apartment on Dec. 24 and stole a computer and jewelry.

The tenant told cops that he left his apartment at 5:30 pm, but when he returned his apartment near Havemeyer Street at 10:30 pm the next day, he found his door damaged and his stuff stolen.

Gifts gone

A thief broke into a car loaded with Christmas gifts and, more important, Adderall on Dec. 23, ruining someone’s holiday.

The driver said that he parked on S. Fourth Street at 7:30 pm, but when he returned to the spot near Berry Street an hour later, he found the rear window was broken and his luggage, presents and pills were stolen.

Subaru stolen

A thief stole a car off Grand Street on Dec. 19.

The driver parked his car at 10 pm, but when he returned to the spot near Roebling Street 24 hours later, the car was missing.

Morgan train

Three perps prevented a straphanger from entering the Morgan Avenue subway station on Dec. 24 — and stole his phone instead.

The perps blocked the man from the subway at Harrison Place at 3:30 pm, and demanded either his phone or cash. He surrendered his phone and boarded the train.

Hooper hijinx

A gunman struck a man with his pistol inside his Hooper Street building on Dec. 20, demanding $600.

The perp followed his victim inside his home near S. Fifth Street, brandishing a firearm. He smashed his victim’s head with the gun and demanded cash. When the victim said he didn’t have any, the perp fled.