Mugged in the Carroll Street station

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens–Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Subway mugging

A crook snatched an iPhone from a 24-year old woman’s hand as she waited for the train at the Carroll Street station on Aug. 12.

The victim was on the Manhattan-bound platform near Smith and President streets at around 1:50 pm when the perp grabbed her phone, pushed her to the ground, and fled — leaving the victim with a cut on her left knee. Cops say the robber is a bald man last spotted wearing blue jeans, white sneakers, and a blue t-shirt.

Beat with a belt

Cops say they cuffed a vicious mugger who hospitalized a 17-year-old after beating the victim with his own belt on Aug. 7.

The perp accosted the victim at around 3:30 pm on Henry Street between Third and Fourth places and grabbed the teen’s belt, MetroCard, ID, and $50, according to a police report.

The assailant then whipped the victim, leaving him with a laceration that required treatment at Long Island College Hospital.

Cops canvassed the area and arrested a suspect after the attack.

Home ransacked

A crook raided a Butler Street residence and made off with electronics, jewelry, and cash on Aug. 8.

While the 39-year-old victim was out of his home between 2:30 pm and 8:09 pm, a bandit got inside and made off with two Apple laptops, a Nintendo Wii, an Xbox 360, video games and controllers, a necklace, and $20.

The victim told investigators that his home, which is between Hoyt and Smith streets, is under construction and that when returned, he realized the gate door had been left open.

Thief’s threat

Cops cuffed a suspect who they claim punched a man in the head and threatened to take his life in an Aug. 6 mugging.

The perp confronted the victim at the corner of Sackett and Clinton streets at 7:45 pm and struck the man in the head with a closed fist before snatching cash from the victim’s pocket, records from the District Attorney’s office indicate.

The thief then said he would kill the victim if he told cops about the robbery, investigators say. Police apprehended a suspect.

— Daniel Solomon