Mugger attacks man outside Third St. apartment

90th Precinct


Brutal mugging

A lout attacked and mugged a man outside of his Third Street apartment building in broad daylight on April 15.

The victim had just left the building between Keap and Hooper streets at 3:30 pm when the bad guy jumped out at him and punched him in the head and neck, then threw him to the ground, according to cops.

When the guy hit the ground, his pants ripped open and $181 cash fell out, which the miscreant grabbed before running from the scene, police reported.

Cell off

A creep grabbed a woman’s phone out of her jacket pocket outside of a Varet Street bodega on April 15.

The victim was standing outside the store between the Avenue of Puerto Rico and Humboldt Street at 1:45 pm when the villain came up to her and put his hand in her left jacket pocket, grabbed the phone, then ran off fled, police said.

Bedroom raid

A burglar ransacked a woman’s Scholes Street apartment while she was at work on April 15, cops said.

The lady told police the window of her fire escape was unlocked at her abode between Marcy Avenue and Borinquen Place, but there was also signs of forced entry.

Slashing sicko

A blade-wielding fiend slashed a woman’s face on Union Avenue in the early morning of April 17.

Police say the woman was between Stagg and Scholes streets at 4 am when the brute jumped out at her and said “I’m gonna f— you up” before pulling out a metal weapon and slashing her.

The woman went to Woodhull Medical Center for treatment to the laceration on her face.

— Madeline Anthony