Mugging on the W’burg Bridge!

90th Precinct


Bridge out

A cycling robber stole a woman’s satchel at gunpoint on the Williamsburg Bridge bike path on Aug. 21.

The victim was on the bridge near Borinquen Place at 12:29 am, when the perp rode up to her and flashed a handgun.

“Give me your bag. What’s in your hand?” he said, prompting her to comply, giving up her iPad and cellphone.

“Be quiet!” the perp ordered, demanding that she run towards Manhattan as he fled towards Brooklyn.

Gun mug

A robber mugged three women at gunpoint on Manhattan Avenue on Aug. 21.

The women were near Powers Street at 3:50 am when the perp pointed a silver firearm at them, demanding, “Give me your purse, give me your wallet.”

The women gave up a wallet, a purse and a phone, and the perp fled.

Phone mugging

A perp choked a man unconscious and stole his wallet and phone on Morgan Avenue on Aug. 21.

The victim was near Grand Street at 4 am when the perp approached him from behind and choked him until he blacked out. The victim fell to the ground, and the perp stole his property and ran.

Choked up

A perp choked a man as he was entering his Leonard Street apartment on Aug. 21, and stole his phone and cash.

The victim entered his building at 4:30 am when the perp approached him put him in a chokehold.

The thief took the victim’s phone and $60, and ran down Meserole Street.

Cell hell

A thief choked a man on S. Second Street and stole his phone on Aug. 20.

The victim was near Hooper Street at 2 am when the perp grabbed him from behind and put him in a chokehold.

The perp grabbed his phone and ran away.

Art attack

A thief stole a laptop from 3rd Ward’s Morgan Avenue office on Aug. 22.

Several workers at the Williamsburg arts space near Stagg Street left their office at 12:30 pm to go to lunch, but when they returned an hour later, they discovered that a $2,500 computer was missing.

Police are reviewing video, which showed a man wearing a purple baseball hat, tan shorts, and a blue jacket leaving the complex with the computer under his arm.

Cop rocked

A wily thief pretending to be a cop stole $200 from a man on Union Avenue on Aug. 19.

The victim was near Meserole Street at 10 am when the perp approached him and displayed a badge.

“I’m doing an investigation and I’m a cop,” he said before asking for the victim’s address. “Do you have any money on you now?”

The victim took out $200 from his wallet and the perp grabbed it, saying, “I’ll be right back.”

Instead he ran down Union Avenue, leaving his victim bewildered and in need of some real police.

— Aaron Short