New sex toy shop is a real casting agent

Toys for grown-ups
The Brooklyn Paper / Andy Campbell

You buy your produce locally, your meat locally, and your beer locally, so why not your dildos?

Fortunately, there’s Shag, a new sex toy store on Roebling Street in Williamsburg, that features a number of locally and hand-made products.

There’s an enticing selection of items on sale — including a necklace that doubles as a vibrator, marble dildos, fetish greeting cards for your relatives with a sense of humor, and hand-made lingerie for men and women — but the store has the look of a high-end boutique or art gallery, not a 42nd Street-style sex shop.

Co-owners Ashley Montgomery-Pulido and Samantha Bard have lived in Williamsburg making art and working with artists for 10 years. With their knowledge of the community, they decided to create a pleasure pit that looks more like an artist’s co-op.

“The product should be a piece of art in itself,” Montgomery said. “Sex and art have been united through time.”

If you’re feeling ready to get down and dirty, Shag offers a series of weekly workshops that include body painting and body-casting.

“To us ‘BYOB’ means ‘bring your own body,’ ” Montgomery-Pulido said.

Men need only bring one body part; Shag workers will happily make a silicone dildo that’s an exact replica of a customer’s penis. It may sound like a gag gift (pun intended), but when a husband has to leave town on business there’s no reason why a wife can’t still have a little pleasure.

Shag [108 Roebling St. between N. Fifth and N. Sixth streets in Williamsburg, (347) 721-3302].

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