Newborn baby found dead in Coney Island dumpster


Detectives are investigating the death of a newborn baby whose body was found in a dumpster outside a Coney Island apartment building on Wednesday afternoon. 

Police made the horrific discovery just before 5 pm on Feb. 17 near the high-rise at 2925 West 27th St.

Cops discovered the dead infant while conducting a search of the area for the mother, who had called 911 earlier on Wednesday and claimed that she had given birth — but she could not account for the baby’s whereabouts.

Officers from the 60th Precinct and NYPD PSA 1 responded to the mother’s home, located a block away at 2949 West 28th St., but a search of the location ended with negative results.

The NYPD Emergency Services Unit was called in to respond, and they found the dead infant while searching along West 27th Street. 

Police did not have immediate information about the baby’s gender or probable cause of death.

So far, no arrests have been made in the ongoing investigation, authorities said.