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Not again! Dean St. is PO’d at being peed on

Three houses and one car on a Boerum Hill block were doused with large quantities of human waste again this week — the latest examples of a recurring form of moist vandalism on Dean Street.

This was the second straight week that the block was showered. Last Sunday, someone left a two-liter container filled with urine and syringes in front of one house and soaked the bed of a pickup truck — both of which were targeted in the latest outpouring.

“This is getting out of control,” said Kevin McGowan, the truck owner, who has been victimized at least four times.

The trouble started flowing on the day of the neighborhood block party last September, when neighbors emerged from their homes between Bond and Nevins streets to an overpowering stench of pee, some of which was in McGowan’s truck.

Since then, the block has been suffering in the clutches of leaky villains who drench their street with apparent impunity.

“I hope there’s some scrutiny and increased police presence,” said Cynthia Hammond, whose husband has encountered the evidence the last two weeks. “It’s a health issue and it’s a quality-of-life issue”

The 84th Precinct did not respond to several calls for comment, and residents say they have not been encouraged by the station’s attitude towards their gripes, though officers have been to the scene twice in the last two weeks.

Residents say cops are showing up because of that two-liter, urine-filled jug.

“It was the first time we were able to establish what we’ve been saying — that someone has been pouring urine on cars on our block,” Joe Samulski, Hammond’s husband, told The Brooklyn Paper.

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