Not again! Workers rush to secure Borough Hall station after plaster plunges onto platform

Watch out: Transit workers secured the scene after a piece of plastic fell onto the Brooklyn-bound 4- and 5-train platform inside Borough Hall station, roughly one month after parts of the cieling dropped onto the platform just across the tracks.
Community News Group / Bobby Kirschenbaum

A piece of plaster plummeted onto the Brooklyn-bound 4- and 5-train platform inside Borough Hall station on Thursday afternoon, roughly a month after a partial ceiling collapse above the hub’s Manhattan-bound 4- and 5-train platform sent debris raining down on straphangers.

Transit employees roped off the immediate area shortly after the plaster fell, and a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the state-run agency is “looking into” the incident.

The latest assault from above inside the Downtown station injured no one, according to a worker securing the platform, who said train service will continue as normal following the fall.

In June, transit authority bigwig Andy Byford — who oversees the agency’s local arm, the New York City Transit Authority — cited water damage as a possible cause of the previous ceiling collapse while assuring commuters of the roof’s structural integrity and station’s safety following that incident.

Borough Hall, which is also a stop on the 2 and 3 lines, will receive $43 million in repairs next year, the transit-agency spokesman said after last month’s collapse, with the cash going towards replacing platform edges, installing new wall tiles, redesigning its turnstile area, reinforcing steel beams and girders, and patching up its water-damaged ceiling to withstand future flooding.

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