Not for Nuthin’, but enjoy that turkey

Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus…“But it flees in the meantime: time flees irretrievably.”

Faster than you can say “Happy Thanksgiving,” this old world has turned round the sun one more time and here we are again. My time to wish you all the time to do all those things that you never have the time to do, and offer a few of my thanks and wishes.

Things to be grateful for:

• My house lost power for only two days.

• There’s one less year on our mortgage.

• New weather-tight windows for the basement.

• The roof and basement survived Hurricane Sandy.

• Family and friends survived Hurricane Sandy.

• I survived having an empty nest.

• My Friday nights are all my own.

• I finally got DVR — yippee! No more missed “Big Bang” episodes.

• I learned how to Skype.

• My family’s health.


• May you never lose hope that you’ve run out of time, and may you always have time left to say goodbye.

• May you always have the ability to laugh at yourself and have your tongue firmly planted in your cheek.

• May you always have the time you need, the time to appreciate the small things and the time to live through the big things.

• May your turkey be juicy, your gravy not lumpy, your sides plentiful and only split with laughter, and, most important, may you always have the time to savor those pies.


Thanks to those who read my words, whether you agree or don’t doesn’t matter, because without you, there wouldn’t be a “Not for Nuthin™.”

Not for Nuthin™, but have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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