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Now jeers McCain/Palin

To The Editor:

Regarding the letter from Ms. Deb Sugar, we of the Brooklyn-Queens chapter of the National Organization for Women have no intention of supporting the McCain/Palin ticket.

Despite the fact that Palin is a woman, her policies are diametrically opposed to virtually everything NOW stands for. We will never just fall in line behind her because she happens to be a woman. That’s exactly what the Republicans want. Shed have to be a progressive woman to get our endorsement. While I have every respect for her multi-tasking efforts as mother and governor (and I am the mother of a very active 6-yr. old), I cannot ignore her anti-woman views. She doesn’t believe in the ERA, embryonic stem-cell research, or the right to choose, even in the case of rape or incest. She makes McCain look moderate, which he is most definitely not.

Ms. Sugar, since you are a former NOW member, I find it odd that you could support a ticket so opposed to the views of NOW.

Julie Kirshner President Brooklyn-Queens National Organization for Women Sheepshead Bay

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