‘Nuisance’ bar closed! It’s the last dance for Studio B

New ‘Day’ for Studio B as hot artist plans live-work space in notorious club
The Brooklyn Paper / Ben Muessig

A Greenpoint nightclub recently condemned by its local community board has now been shut down by the Department of Buildings — but club lawyer Ken Fisher says the club has fixed alleged fire safety violations that led to the failed inspection.

City documents reveal that the Department of Buildings revoked the club’s permit on July 31 to host large crowds indoors after discovering exits that would be unsafe in an emergency evacuation, effectively shutting down the venue.

And in other bad news for the club, Community Board 1 voted 7–0 on Wednesday night to disapprove the club’s bid for a city cabaret license, which would allow patrons to dance.

The board members cited Studio B’s record of flauting city regulations, including building an illegal roof deck and its alleged failure to control its noisy customers outside the club, which is on Banker Street between Calyer Street and Meserole Avenue.

The final decision on the cabaret license rests with the Department of Consumer Affairs, which “seriously considers” recommendations from the community board, a spokesman said.

Even before that happens, Fisher said Studio B will be ready to reopen when, and if, Department of Buildings inspectors make a return visit.

“All of the concerns have been met and we’re waiting for further inspections,” said Fisher, a well-connected former city councilman.

As a result of the closure, Studio B shows between now and at least Aug. 19 have been relocated to different venues (check Studio B’s Web site for new locations).

Residents were pleased with the brief respite from Studio B’s allegedly illegal antics, but Greenpointer Glen Radecki said he didn’t hold any grudges.

“It’s gratifying to know we won’t have any problems for a while,” said Radecki, who lives one block away. “But it’s not as if I’m wishing the club disappeared off the face of the earth forever. I look forward to see what’s going to happen next.”